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Ensure access to education and reduce barriers for all

We will ensure that Mohawk is the destination of choice for all learners by removing barriers encountered at various stages of the educational journey.

Strategic Direction

  • Develop a student life-cycle journey map, creating opportunities and removing barriers to support success and persistence from recruitment to graduation.
  • Expand and deliver education in priority neighbourhoods, deepening our commitment to City School by Mohawk and Early College opportunities with district school boards.
  • Create more opportunities to expand the City School and Challenge 2025 models, provincially and nationally.
  • Expand access for Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, and other underrepresented populations, in collaboration with supports from the Foundation, and develop metrics to track progress.
  • Advance strategies to further expand participation in Women in Trades and Technology, and support persistence, retention and placement in their field.

Leadership Outcome

We will be the national leader in providing barrier-free access to education by directly engaging with our communities through strong industry and community partnerships. We will refine and reimagine traditional delivery models to accommodate changes in how education, services, supports and employment are delivered.

Building on Momentum

We have a stellar record in expanding access to education and skills training through community and industry partnerships, and offer many options to complete programs to ensure that all students who want to obtain credentials have pathways to achieve their goals.