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Be a place that honours, values and celebrates the whole of every person

We are committed to nurturing an equitable, diverse and inclusive culture and environment for everyone who learns and works at Mohawk.

Strategic Direction

  • Implement our multi-year Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Action Plan and support the outputs and strategies of the EDI Steering Committee.
  • Assess and measure progress against our EDI Action Plan and our five EDI commitments.
  • Report on the completed goals, actions and outcomes of the EDI Action Plan and commitments.
  • Develop and increase student recruitment from new international markets, creating more diversity to enrich and support how all students learn and are supported.
  • Implement EDI processes throughout the entire employee life-cycle.

Leadership Outcome

We will be recognized as an equity, diversity and inclusion leader for our advancement of social justice initiatives focusing on recruitment, participation and advancement for all, creating a safe and caring campus for our students, employees and community.

Building on Momentum

By strengthening our leadership in equity, diversity and inclusion, we established clear expectations for access, equity and inclusion for all students and for implementing these principles in our policies, practices, plans and culture.