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Strategic Plan 2022-2025

Plan at a Glance

Introduction to the Plan

Our new strategic plan is attuned to these unusual and demanding times. It meets our short-term needs for recovery as a college and a community, and sets an innovative course for our future.

Letter from the President

  • A Compass Not a Roadmap
  • Building on Our Strengths
  • This Plan Belongs To Us All


Future Ready. Learning for Life.


We educate and prepare highly skilled graduates for success and contribution to community, Canada and the world.


We are student focused.

Students and learning are at the heart of all we do.

We are committed to excellence.

We are committed to innovation in education, corporate services and student services.

We engage our community.

We are responsive to and collaborate with the communities we serve.

We are inclusive.

We ensure a welcoming and supportive environment for all.

We are accountable.

We act with integrity, transparency, and base our decisions on evidence.


Strong Foundations

People | Planning | Reputation | Technology | Financial Health

Strong Foundations underpin our new Strategic Plan to ensure that we can progress toward our aspirations and ultimately achieve our leadership outcomes. We will build on the expertise of our faculty and staff, maintain ongoing planning for long-term success, enhance and leverage our positive reputation, and remain focused on innovative technology. Above all, we will continue to pay diligent attention to our overall financial health.

From Recovery to Innovation